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Learn how to cook amazing plant-based meals plus over 100 recipes!
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 Danni McGhee
Danni McGhee
Your Plant-Based Nutrition Coach

Danni McGhee is a vegan chef, author, speaker, and educator.  Her passionate for food and health come together with the work she does at DAM Good Vegan.  Her mission is the educate, encourage, and inspire you to choose a plant-based diet as the fastest way to optimal health and overall well-being.

Her vegan story starts in 2014 when she was slowly approaching 200 pounds.  She started her weight loss journey then 4 months later found a 21 day plant-based challenge online that guided her though cooking plant-based and what it meant to be vegan. Within days, Danni knew she had to be vegan for her health, future, environment, and animals. 

Since that time, Danni has inspired others to take the vegan challenge and transition to this lifestyle. Most people experience an overall improvement of their health and well-being.  She is so excited to have you hear because she's confident that you will thrive on a plant-based diet.