Ready To Go Vegan?

This comprehensive online course includes all the information you need to transition to a plant-based diet PLUS support tools to keep you motivated, inspired, & on the right track! | taught by Danni McGhee

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Are you ready to go vegan and not sure where to start or how you'll get through the transition? Don't go this journey alone! This course will give you everything you need to successfully GO VEGAN!

Ready To Go Vegan Course is pre-selling at ONLY $97! Course officially go live on January 1, 2020!

BONUS! Every student also receives a free copy of the book, Ready To Go Vegan: A Guide for Making the Transition to a Plant-Based Diet Simple, Affordable, & DAM Good!

Ready To Go Vegan Online Course is a comprehensive course that will prepare you to confidently #GoVegan!  Here at DAM Good Vegan, we are passionate about making the transition to a plant-based diet simple. affordable, and DAM Good!

Check out the course curriculum to see what information we'll be delving into.   We cover all the questions most have when transitioning to a plant-based vegan diet, so feel free to jump right in and explore all the chapters.

You'll also have support along the way.  We want you to be successful in your transition, so we're here to answer your questions and coach you through each step.  Our community support group and weekly live Q&A webinars are resources available to all students.

Once you purchase the course, you will have 90-day access to all course material.  This way, you're able to take your time as you transition your diet and lifestyle.

 Danni McGhee
Danni McGhee
Your Plant-Based Nutrition Coach

Danni McGhee is a vegan chef, author, speaker, and educator.  Her passionate for food and health come together with the work she does at DAM Good Vegan.  Her mission is the educate, encourage, and inspire you to choose a plant-based diet as the fastest way to optimal health and overall well-being.

Her vegan story starts in 2014 when she was slowly approaching 200 pounds.  She started her weight loss journey then 4 months later found a 21 day plant-based challenge online that guided her though cooking plant-based and what it meant to be vegan. Within days, Danni knew she had to be vegan for her health, future, environment, and animals. 

Since that time, Danni has inspired others to take the vegan challenge and transition to this lifestyle. Most people experience an overall improvement of their health and well-being.  She is so excited to have you hear because she's confident that you will thrive on a plant-based diet.

To reach Danni, email her at

Also, follow her on Instagram for more vegan inspo at!

Course Curriculum

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LIVE Q&A | Wednesday 8PM EST
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Transition Style
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Suggested Literature & Documentaries
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Where Will I Get My Protein?
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Coffee & Teas
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Clean Fresh Foods
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Keep Fresh Food Longer
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Storing Prepared Foods
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