Using plant-based foods and natural supplements to reboot & rejuvenate the body by detoxing the colon, juice cleansing, and eating clean. | Danni McGhee

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Registration has closed for the Fall Detox! 

Registration for the Winter Detox opens on December 23, 2019! Prep week begins on January 6, 2020, and detox starts in January 13, 2020.  

A 3- week detox to boost your immune system, purge the toxins, and nourish & hydrate the body for improved gut health, weight loss, seasonal allergies, and more. 

Over these three week's, we will be focused on eating a 100% plant-based diet. As we progress through the week's, there will be everything from cooked plant-based foods to raw vegan options, as well as a 7-day juice cleanse. This will all be combined with a colon detox regimen, plenty of hydration, detox baths, light exercise, and other detox methods you can incorporate over these three weeks.

Over the next 3 weeks, you will embark on a journey to reset, reboot, and rejuvenate your body. Whole, organic, plant-based foods are here for us to use to heal our bodies so we may thrive at any age!

This online course gives you the details on how to naturally cleanse your colon by using plant-based foods and supplements. 

Your Course Toolbox Includes:

 Step by step instruction on how to successfully complete this detox

• Detox Instructional Guide

• Daily Detox Education Videos

• Interactive Live Topic Discussions and Q&As

• Discussion Forums

• Grocery & Supplement Shopping Lists

• 7-Day Meal Plans

• Access to The  Vegan Skillet Recipe Membership Site

 Danni McGhee
Danni McGhee
Your Plant-Based Nutrition Coach

Danni McGhee is a vegan chef, author, speaker, and educator.  Her passionate for food and health come together with the work she does at DAM Good Vegan.  Her mission is the educate, encourage, and inspire you to choose a plant-based diet as the fastest way to optimal health and overall well-being.

Her vegan story starts in 2014 when she was slowly approaching 200 pounds.  She started her weight loss journey then 4 months later found a 21 day plant-based challenge online that guided her though cooking plant-based and what it meant to be vegan. Within days, Danni knew she had to be vegan for her health, future, environment, and animals. 

Since that time, Danni has inspired others to take the vegan challenge and transition to this lifestyle. Most people experience an overall improvement of their health and well-being.  She is so excited to have you hear because she's confident that you will thrive on a plant-based diet.

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